Calle+13+Performs+Nokia+Theatre+Eitn7wKl5JPlCalle 13‘s Residente is never one to keep quiet and we thank him for it.

At a press conference over the weekend, he touched on the new Arizona law that permits authorities to ask people to prove their immigration status even if no crime has been committed. He said:

“It’s a horrible law, I don’t understand where it comes from. If you’re going to ask Latinos for documents, then you’re going to have to ask Asians, Europeans, Americans, and everyone for their documents. If that’s the way it is, then ask everyone for their papers. It’s a racist law. To me, this is how things started in Germany years ago with the persecution of the Jewish community.”

Good point. It may seem off to compare this new law with Germany in the 40s but, frankly, nobody thought that things would get so out of hand back then and we all know how that resulted.

This law is RIDICULOUS!

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