pictCalle 13 held its free concert in Cuba and the numbers are BIG!

Estimates place between 200 thousand and 500 thousand people in attendance at their show. WOW!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Calle 13 concert without some smart political and social commentary. Residente shouted:

“Cuba está ahí, Puerto Rico está al lado. Hay que hacer un puente para venir en carro…”

Before one of his songs, he even made mention of the political prisoners in Cuba. He snuck it in by saying:

“This next song is important to me. It’s about the assassination of Filiberto Ojeda, who you may not know but he was one of the good ones in Puerto Rico and they killed him and let him bleed to death. This song I dedicate to the political prisoners over there, over here, and in all of the countries around the world.”

He also had message written on his back which read:

“We take flowers and bullets in the same heart.”

It is expected that they get some type of backlash for this concert, especially from the Cuban exile community in Miami.

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