belindamexicoBelinda Belinda Belinda.

So young to be dealing with so much drama!

The latest is that there is a tape going around in Mexico where she admits she is tried of Mexico and blames all of the bad PR on her record label.

In a recorded conversation that got leaked she supposedly says:

“Don’t worry, it’s only a publicity stunt created by my record label because my album isn’t selling well. The truth is I think that this has crossed the line and it’s now affecting my family.”

She continues to say:

“I want to leave Mexico, this is all horrible. I can’t even go outside. I can’t go anywhere because the press is always on top of me and the truth is that I have had enough.”

It is very stressful to be under the watchful eye of cameras all the time, and even more so to see that nothing is helping to move your album sales!!

Perhaps some time off (or even a career change) will do her some good!

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