What’s in a name??

Well, if you’re Belinda…a lot!

You see, when Belinda went to sign up for Twitter, the name @Belinda was already taken by a Stanford University student, so the singer ended up using the name @BelindaPop.

On Wednesday, one of Belinda’s (the singer) fans suggested that she take over the @Belinda name…so Belinda (the singer) wrote:

“Yesssss. Besides, she doesn’t even use it. Everyone help me please!”

So her fans went on attack mode and were trying to force Belinda (the student) to give up her name so the celebrity Belinda can use it.

Well, this is where a university education comes in handy.

Instead of cracking under pressure, Belinda (the student) simply said that she would not change her name, that Belinda was her birth-given name, and that Belinda (the singer) should know that any lawyer would say that her command to her 580,000 followers to take action against her (the student) could be labeled as harassment!

Belinda (the singer) must have realized that Belinda (the student) was right. The singer has since apologized for everything.

Hey, fair is fair. The student got it first.

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