belindaBelinda has gone on record to show support for presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador – and the news that she lost followers over it is fake.

The singer tweeted in favor of the politician and word is she got paid a hefty amount for the social media post. Belinda, however, says that she did it out of the love for Mexico.

There is also an image going around showing a massive drop in followers after tweeting the candidate’s support. It shows that she apparently lost 2 million followers since, but that is simply not true.

She says “No he perdido seguidores, al contrario, muchas gracias por todos sus mensajes y muestras de cariño! Perder en menos de 24 horas 2m de seguidores no tiene lógica, al menos también hubieran editado a las personas que sigo con -1 para que no se viera tan falsa la captura.”

So she didn’t lose followers – and she possibly gained some money.

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