becky+gBecky G got pulled off stage at a Fifth Harmony concert!! Wait, let us explain.

It was an awkward situation on Monday night at FH’s tour stop in Argentina when Becky noticed from the side of the stage that Dinah Jane‘s dress had ripped in the back and she was running on stage with a shirt to tie around her waist.

Security didn’t recognize who Becky was and yanked her off! They thought she was just an over eager fan!

In the end, Ally signaled for security to let Becky on stage and she was able to tie the shirt around Dinah’s ripped dress.

Becky and Dinah ended up giving each other a shout out after the show. After all, Becky is clearly Dinah’s ride-or-die after rushing out on stage to save her from a wardrobe malfunction.

Becky also tweeted “My arm kinda hurt but they just doing they job.”

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