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She needs to learn how to handle these situations better.

Anahi was at the airport in Madrid and was bombarded by a group of fans and the singer was not in the mood to deal with them.

She yelled:

“The plane is about to leave. Respect! You have to understand, I have to get to work. Can’t you understand that?”

She tried to get away by sprinting but the fans chased her until the security checkpoint to which the fans yelled:

“Anahi, we’re your fans. Can’t you pay a little attention to us? We deserve it please.”

Another fans told the singer:

“Anahi, we love you, even though you are being this way.”

Then one person threw out the zinger and said:

“I hope your concerts don’t sell out.”

Yes, it’s totally annoying to constantly be barraged like this but this is what pays her bills at the end of the day.

Unfortunately for Anahi, it was call caught in camera. CLICK HERE to watch.


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