resianahiThis celeb argument is over!

You couldn’t sleep last night over this one, right?

Residente had insinuated that Anahi could have possibly paid to have over one million followers on Twitter, payola style.

Well, he apparently decided to play nice and started following Anahi on the social site.

She not only noticed what he did but also was witness to the insults and threats her fans directed at the Calle 13 frontman so she wrote the following on Twitter:

“I always try to live by the message of peace, tolerance, and respect wherever I go because I believe that is the only way that the world will change, starting with us. I know my fans love and defend me and I thank them with all of my heart but insulting and threatening is not the way to do it. I respect those who don’t like me. Nobody is perfect to be liked by everyone. To Residente, my apologies on behalf of all of my fans for those messages and my respect for the way you think. By the way, thanks for following! I’ll be sending you your check soon Haaaaa kidding! World peace!”

Ha! We love that she had a serious message to her fans but was finally funny in her response to him!

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