Ana Barbara having a Boy Ana Barbara and José María Fernández, Pirru, have revealed that they are having a son and that she is three and a half months pregnant. They made this announcement a few days after Talina Fernández announced that she wants to reconcile with her ex-son-in-law.

“I don’t want it to be a truce, I want peace. We have offended each other a lot, we have spoken out because we are both hurt in different ways?, said Fernández after stressing that she is ready to deal with what is necessary to see her grandchildren. “As long as we have the same goal in mind, which is the well-being of the little ones?, she added.

It doesn’t matter if Talina forgives him. I think he’ll still rot in hell for humping a new chick 2 weeks after his wife dies, then ignoring his kids so he can hump the new chick in another country, and then marries her so he can continue humping her whenever he wants. It’s not that you’re not allowed to go humping around. But it is too much too soon.

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