alfonso‘Roma’ got its subtitles removed in Spain.

The film features a mixture of Spanish and Mixtec – a local dialect from southern Mexico – and it was released in Spain with subtitles in, well, Spanish. Castilian Spanish, that is.

Alfonso Cuaron’s highly acclaimed black-and-white movie ‘Roma’ entered the Oscar race this Tuesday, putting it in the running to be the first non-English language feature film to win an Academy Award.

For example, with the word “enojarse” it would be subtitled with “enfadarse”.

The move has sparked controversy among film buffs and linguists who are questioning the need to subtitle this for Spain. Alfonso Cuaron himself did not like the move.

He himself joined the debate, saying its a ridiculous and offensive decision. He added “It’s provincial, ignorant and offensive to Spaniards themselves. One of the things I most enjoy is the color and texture of other accents. It’s as if Pedro Almodóvar needed to be subtitled.”

Good point.

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