aleAlejandro Fernandez is sorry for acting a fool on a flight.

As we told you, the singer made a huge scene on a commercial plane by standing up during the safety demonstration and showing video of a plane crash on his phone.

He is now apologizing for his behavior, saying “Ofrezco una disculpa a la aerolínea y a los pasajeros de mi vuelo; tras un recorrido trasatlántico estaba extremadamente cansado. Nada justifica mis acciones. ¡Les deseo felicidad a todos!”

Witnesses said he was drunk but, as you can see, he is blaming his wild moment on exhaustion.

Alejandro added that “Me duele que esto haya pasado, aunque estoy seguro, me llevará por el camino de ser una mejor persona.”

He sure seems to have to apologize for many of his actions…how many more times is he going to screw up??

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