roselyn-sanchezRoselyn Sanchez and Alejandro Chaban were both set to act in the new pilot for ABC’s Cutthroat, but out of nowhere they were both told that they were being let go.

Hey, that happens in Hollywood and it’s all part of the actor’s life.

Except, that it so happens that Roselyn was let go because of her accent!

We looked into this and discovered that Roselyn was set to play a character named Nina Cabrera. How much more Latina can you get than that? Wouldn’t a little accent help??

Plus, is Roselyn’s accent even that thick?

Is that why Alejandro was cut too?? He was supposed to play someone named Ivan. LATINO!

Is this a case of discrimination? Aren’t we supposed to be diversifying television?

Perhaps they should cast Jennifer Aniston and Zac Efron instead!!

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