alejandroIt’s being said that Alejandro Chaban is leaving “Despierta America.”

The host of Univision’s morning show made the decision not to continue as he has other lofty goals in mind.

You see, he is the founder and CEO of the Yes You Can diet plan and, in recent years, the company has grown tremendously. So much, in fact, that he feels that he needs to focus more on his business and less on show business.

His company now boasts over 300 employees, a massive manufacturing warehouse, celebrity spokespersons, national speaking engagements, and more.

As we hear it, he is losing money being on “Despierta America” when his fully focus should be on his hugely successful business. There are reports that he will chime in the show from time to time, especially to continue inspiring and motivating people to lose weight and transform their lives.

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