fridaOh no…Frida Sofia just made everything so much worse for her mom, Alejandra Guzman.

You see, the artist CLEARLY made a mistake when she misunderstood the word ‘coger’ instead of ‘escoger’ coming out of the mouth of a Peruvian TV host when talking about her and her daughter.

Alejandra got pissed and stormed out of the interview. We’ve all been waiting for an apology from the Mexican singer…but Frida jumped in, added her two cents, and insulted an ENTIRE COUNTRY!

She wrote the following on Instagram:

“Sí, qué asco de gente que me ha tocado, de verdad. En lo personal, en mi vida, quisiera pisar ese país: gente grosera y demasiado bocona y vulgar. Qué pena que haya personas buenas y decentes como tú que tengan que ser reflejados por tanto odio y falta de educación.”

Really. She has since switched her Instagram account to private after getting digitally attacked for her comments.

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