und+da‘Despierta America’ beat out ‘Un Nuevo Dia’ even with Adamari Lopez‘s hyped-up return!

Telemundo promoted the show with Ada coming back and even got celebrities to post on social media making a huge buzz. The numbers were expected to be impacted by so much talk, but they were not.

In the demo 18 to 49 years old ‘Despierta America’ clocked in 212,000 versus 124,000 that ‘Un Nuevo Dia’ got.

In the 18 to 34 year segment Univision took in 74,000 while Telemundo only did 34,000.

IN general numbers, ‘Despierta America’ drew in 499,000 with ‘Un Nuevo Dia’ at 393,000.

Bottom line, DA still beat out UND.

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