Adamari on Breast Cancer In her first public appearance in over a year, Adamari Lopez clarified rumors that have been circulating about her mother. Reports were quickly spreading around that Adamari’s mother was diagnsed with breast cancer. Adamari, who recently underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer, stated that results from her mother’s biopsy aren’t ready but that she holds strong to the belief that everything will be alright. She also praised her soon to be husband, singer Luis Fonsi, and rightly so, for proving how much he truly loves her and what a classy man he is as well. Might we also say, that she looked beautiful and think that the short hair makes her look regal. Truly Beautiful!

This press conference happened before news of Soraya had been announced, but she was asked about Soraya and Adamari could not hold back the tears because she knew she wasn’t doing too well. They share the same doctor and Soraya’s message on her own website saddened Adamari.

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