paulPaul Stanley VS Adal Ramones continues!

As you know, Paul made fun of Adal for leaving Televisa and joining TV Azteca…which Adal responded with a laugh and mentioned that Paul himself was trying to make the move to the TV network!

Paul is now answering this by saying “¿TV Azteca? Pues que dónde me viste la mugre en las uñas o qué me escuchaste hablar así de: ‘mirastes’, ‘dijistes’, ‘vistes’ ¡Por favor!”

He also added that Adal has reached a certain age in which he is going senile and could be saying things that don’t make sense.

But that wasn’t all. Paul then said Adal has already been infected by TV Azteca’s gossip show “Ventaneando” and its hosts, adding “Apenas llegó Adal a Azteca y luego, luego agarró la escuela de la Chapoy y de Pedrito Sola, bien víbora”.

This started as a joke, but now it’s getting nasty!

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