Think scandals, drama, and madness only take place in the American entertainment world? Cross the border into the Latin community and you will discover what true gossip really is.

I know you’re tired of hearing about Ashlee or Jessica Simpson and chances are you will see some talk about Paris and Britney (because you and I both know they’re easy targets), but I assure you that Latin Gossip will showcase the world of gossip LATIN style.

It’s time someone started talking about the Thalias, the Paulinas, the Luis Miguels! Latin Gossip will also serve as a platform to introduce, present, and support Latin celebrities because I’m an Equal Opportunity basher, lover, hater, and promoter.

You may see Latin Gossip as another website full of snarky remarks fueled by envy, but remember how your abuelita is always ripping you apart because you’re “too this” or “too that” — Latin Gossip is just as an abuelita to the entertainment world. Welcome to the REAL La Vida Loca.

El Gossiper

P.S. I’ve been known to mix Spanish and English words in the same sentence, so if you feel guilty about stalking the Latin Gossip website, remind yourself that you’re enhancing your language skills. Lets begin with Lesson One: ‘water’ in Spanish is ‘agua’ and ‘Tom Cruise’ in Spanish is ‘loco.