kumbia.JPGNobody knows for sure what happened with all of this Kumbia All Starz drama…but we have exclusive details about the rupture within the group.

A reliable source tell us that AB Quintanilla had a meeting with the group several weeks ago and was basically putting everyone down. Roque and Memo defended themselves…and that’s when AB told them to pack their things and leave.

Pee Wee wasn’t happy with this and since his contract was coming to an end he also decided to leave the group. That’s not all. Supposedly, out of the fourteen songs on the new CD, Pee Wee only sang one!

About the house, what Escandalo TV uncovered is true, as our source tell us that the house does belong to AB, BUT we are being told that Pee Wee decided to leave the house because of what ‘AB might be capable of’.

Might be capable of
? What does that mean??? That sounds scary to us.

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