AB.jpgA video apparently from a few years back, that shows AB Quintanilla kicking a fan from the stage has emerged suddenly. In the video, there is a fan in the front row that puts his leg up on the stage. AB then swiftly skips by and kicks the fan’s leg off.

At first glance this is really ugly on AB’s part because dude paid money to see him perform, not get kicked, but AB attempted to clear things up on El Gordo y La Flaca.

He called in to say that the fan was making sexual gestures at Pee Wee, the band’s youngest member. AB couldn’t put up with the crude gestures he was making so he kicked him off. But look at the reaction of his bandmates. They don’t seem to agree with the kick.

While not a big fan of obscene pantomime, I think AB should have had security deal with the pervert. Now there is a video out there that shows him kicking a fan, and many may hear AB’s defense but choose not to believe it. AB loses 15 points.

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