It’s over for AB Quintanilla and his wife.

After just one year of marriage, People En Español exclusively reveals that his marriage has come to an end.

He spoke with the mag and said:

“We are officially divorced. It’s difficult for me. But I am not alone because I have my mom and my dad, who love me very much; my sister Suzette; my kids, whom I adore. I am surrounded by family, by the group. I have many positive things and right now I have to be mentally positive.”

He points out that the split had nothing to do with cheating. He explains:

“There were no infidelities. I lived a happy year. I truly thought that this marriage was going to last, that we were going to be together forever.”

As you may recall, AB wore a white blazer with an image of Selena on the back to his wedding. Not even that gave him luck for this marriage.

Chin up, AB! The right chica is out there somewhere!

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