becky+g+ab+qIt’s AB Quintanilla hating on Becky G…or is it?

Becky G spoke at a Latin Grammy event in Las Vegas saying her inspirations are Selena Quintanilla, Jennifer Lopez, and Jenni Rivera. While that sounds like a nice thing to say, AB didn’t like it. Apparently.

A few nasty comments from AB’s verified account showed up on Becky’s Instagram feed – for example, “You could never be Selena!!” and “Enjoy your 15 min of fame!”

Oh, there’s more. AB went on to say “You built your career off of Selena. It’s all on video!!” and “Don’t give thanks to her!”

Fans were shocked to see this and AB started getting major backlash for the rude words.

Well, some moments later, AB came out to say that his account was hacked. Yeah…

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