Thalia Uses Fame to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.20.2014 - Thalia

thaliaWe like when celebs do good with their fame.

Thalia did just that.

She wore pink and shared the photo all over her social media accounts, followed by millions of people, and urged all the women to self-examine and visit a doctor.

Points for Thalis!

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El Dasa Says Goodbye to Va Por Ti

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.20.2014 - El Dasa, Televisión

el+dasaEl Dasa had to say goodbye to the show “Va Por Ti”.

The captain of one of the teams essentially lost to Dulce Maria and Jencarlos Canela and had to bow out of the Univision program.

His remaining contestants were distributed among Dulce and Jen’s teams after one received the boot as well.

Are you watching “Va Por Ti”?? Will you miss Dasa??

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Gabriela Isler Has Marverlous Musical Moment With Kids in Colombia

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.20.2014 - Reinas

gabriela+islerLoving this pic and moment!

Miss Universe Gabriela Isler visited the town of Yumbo in Colombia to spend some time with kids with disabilities.

The children put on a musical presentation for the beauty queen and then a young man approached her for a dance.

She immediately got up and started moving along to the music with him.

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Banda El Recodo Finally Acknowledges News of Missing Musician

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.20.2014 - RegionalMex

aldo+sarabiaAldo Sarabia of Banda El Recodo has been missing for about a week – and it wasn’t until four days later that the musical group publicly acknowledged the disappearance.

They finally issued a statement and it doesn’t provide any more details or answers. It says:

“Statement for our fans, just as it has been published in social media and in some media, the whereabouts of Aldo Sarabia are unknown. We have never lived something like this in all of the history of Banda El Recodo. Aldo is an exemplary human being and musician which is why we cannot imagine what could have happened. Today we ask all of our followers to pray with us for him and his family. We thank the authorities for all of the support that they are providing in finding our friend.
Banda el Recodo de Cruz Lizárraga.”

The musical group is going on with the show and continuing with their performances despite this.

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Pitbull to Host American Music Awards Again

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.20.2014 - Pitbull, Televisión

pitbullYou know he did something right if they want him back!

Pitbull will once again host the American Music Awards!

The Cuban-American superstar is set to take the lead at this year’s award show to air live from Los Angeles on November 23.

Nobody can get in his way!!

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