Belinda Says Truck With Donated Earthquake Goods was Robbed

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.22.2017 - Belinda

belindaBelinda has worked tirelessly to help in Mexico since the earthquake hit the city’s capital and surrounding areas.

Through her foundations he has gathered food and supplied for the victims and she has personally been on the ground to hand out he goods.

Unfortunately, one of the trucks she sent filled with items for the needy did not make it to its destinations of Morelos. She explains that the truck was somehow robbed. She said “Si hay que tener cuidado a mi hoy me robaron un camión, por eso es mejor entregarlo personalmente cuidado Que la ayuda vaya bien Dirigida.”

Such a shame! Disgusting that anyone would take from those that seriously need it.

Still, kudos for Belinda for helping out!!

Aylin Mujica Home Destroyed in Earthquake

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.22.2017 - Aylin Mujica

aylinAylin Mujica‘s home in Mexico has been deemed uninhabitable.

The actress explains that she had to run out of her apartment during the 7.1 earthquake that hit the country’s capital. She explains that the marble on her walls started crumbling and the building was shaking violently.

Aylin can’t stay in her home because it is too dangerous – as she explains to “People En Español”…she is ‘homeless’.

She was able to find her passport though and is headed to Miami to stay with her family.

Galilea Montijo Shares News of Hoy Producer Earthquake Tragedy

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.22.2017 - Galilea Montijo

galiGalilea Montijo gave some tragic news on “Hoy” that has to do with one of her coworkers.

The son of one of the producer’s of the show died in the earthquake. The seven-year-old died when his school, Colegio Enrique Rebsamen, came crumbling down on students and faculty due to the 7.1 earthquake.

Gali shared her condolences to the producer and all of the families of the more than 250 dead that have so far been confirmed.

How terrible.

Gael Garcia Bernal Pressures Mexican Politicians to Donate Raised Funds

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.22.2017 - Gael Garcia Bernal

gaelGael Garcia Bernal is pressuring politicians in Mexico to give up their money.

He sent out a message to Mexican representatives saying “Compas: más de la mitad del presupuesto de la campaña electoral del año que viene, tiene que ser para la reconstrucción de todo México.”

Other celebs have joined in the cause saying they don’t want to see TV or radio spots promoting their campaigns…they prefer to see their country rebuilt with the money raised to promote themselves.

Makes sense. If they are wanting to be in office to help Mexico, then why not start now??

A campaign has started to make this official.

Gloria Trevi Takes Pics With Fans For Earthquake Relief

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.22.2017 - Gloria Trevi

treviGloria Trevi isn’t done yet.

After gathering supplies to send to Mexico, the singer has decided to do even more to help those affected by the earthquake in Mexico.

She is now inviting her fans at her shows in Sacramento, Bakersfield, and Paso Robles to take a pic with her for 100 dollars and the funds will be donated to quake relief.

Most fans want a pic anyway and now they can help simultaneously.

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