Lionel Messi Covers Sports Illustrated

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.27.2016 - Deportes

messiCopa America is right around the corner and the excitement is building.

So much so that “Sports Illustrated” has come out with a ‘Summer of Soccer’ feature for their latest issue.

Who’s on the cover?? Lionel Messi of course!

He talks about how badly he wants this win for Argentina and the mag gratuitously names him the best player on the planet. Really, you can’t argue that.

Don Omar Says He Has No Beef With Daddy Yankee

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.27.2016 - Don Omar

don+omarDoes Don Omar have beef with Daddy Yankee again??

The Puerto Rican swears he is not in a fight with Daddy – he’s having to clear things up after not performing on stage at a concert they were both supposed to perform at in Las Vegas.

He told radio DJ Alex Sensation that it was simply a matter of time. The show got started late…not his or DY’s fault…and he wasn’t able to give his show.

Alan Tacher Celebrates First Year of Daughter’s Life on Live TV

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.27.2016 - Alan Tacher

alanAlan Tacher‘s youngest turned one year old and the celebration happened on live TV of course!

The television host and his wife Cristy Bernal threw their 12-month-old baby Michelle a birthday party on “Despierta America.”

Alan didn’t wipe the smile off his face the entire time as he was joined by his two oldest kids, Hannah and Alex from a previous marriage.

DA producers are no fools…babies bring in ratings.

Vanessa Huppenkothen Defends Herself From Eating Disorder Claims

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.26.2016 - Chisme

vanessaVanessa Huppenkothen is defending herself from accusations that she suffers from an eating disorder.

The sports reporter swears that she is not battling anorexia or bulimia – just that doctors diagnosed her with thyroid problems and since then she has taken it upon herself to live a very healthy lifestyle.

Here is what she had to say:

“Hace unos meses me detectaron la tiroides completamente fuera de rango, (T3 y T4) terminé en el hospital con un shock tiroideo, a punto de un infarto. Decidí dar un cambio radical: desde trabajo, gente que me rodeaba, actividades…No tengo bulimia ni anorexia, llevo una dieta vegetariana- no como animales pero si consumo productos derivados como la miel o yoghurt- siempre he sido freak del ejercicio y si no lo hago se me sale el diablo…Gracias por el apoyo y también por el valioso tiempo de escribirme, buenos o malos, me han dado mucha fuerza!”

J Balvin Talks About Mom Suffering From Incurable Disorder

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.26.2016 - J Balvin

J Balvin Mexico City - Press ConferenceWe’re used to seeing J Balvin joking around and laughing…but this time things are more serious.

The Colombian artist was speaking at a press conference and he was asked about his mom’s condition. He was taken aback because he didn’t know that in a recent interview, she opened up about suffering from Acute Intermittent Porphyria.

It is a rare metabolic disorder that is characterized by deficiency of the enzyme as hydroxymethylbilane synthase which causes abdominal pain and neurologic symptoms. It’s hereditary and there is no cure for it. Balvin said:

“No sabía que lo había dicho, pero creo que es algo que todos vivimos. Finalmente, se me sale de las manos, por más fuerza que tenga, poder o reconocimiento, fama… que no creo en la fama, pero ante estas cosas no hay nada qué hacer. Por más fuerza que tengamos, por más presupuesto. Nada qué hacer ante las decisiones de Dios, sólo queda entenderlo y saber los mensajes y apoyarla.”

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