Lionel Messi to Stand Trial For Tax Fraud

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.10.2015 - Deportes

messiUh oh.

Lionel Messi will stand trial in Spain on three counts of tax fraud and could be sentenced to nearly two years in prison if found guilty.

A Spanish judge on Thursday rejected a request to clear the Barcelona player of wrongdoing and decided to charge him and his father, Jorge Horacio Messi, with tax fraud.

Prosecutors had said Messi was not fully aware of his father’s unlawful activities and should not have been charged, but the state attorney’s office contended that the Argentina forward knew enough to also be named in the case.

The attorney’s office called for a prison sentence of 22 months and 15 days for Messi and his father, along with a fine in the amount defrauded, payment of all legal proceedings and the loss of any possible tax benefits for a year and a half. Prosecutors had called for an 18-month prison sentence for Messi’s father only, along with a fine of 2.2 million dollars.

Larry Hernandez Gun Video Surfaces But It’s Not What You Think

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.09.2015 - Larry Hernandez

larryA video of Larry Hernandez pointing a gun to someone’s head and threatening his life is making the rounds on social media – and everyone is saying that it is a clear sign of how violent he really is.

HOWEVER, we looked into it and it’s nothing but a prank between the singer and his friends.

The video was actually published six years ago and it clearly shows him messing around with pals, laughing with the ‘victim’, and then busting out in song.

Internet, you got it wrong this time.

CLICK HERE to check out the video.

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Maria Celeste Arraras and Myrka Dellanos Team Up at Latin AMAs

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.09.2015 - Maria Celeste Arraras, Myrka Dellanos

myrka+mariaIt was a “Primer Impacto” reunion at the Latin American Music Awards!

Maria Celeste Arraras and Myrka Dellanos walked the red carpet together and it brought back memories of feel-good nostalgia.

The media and fans ate up seeing them together – and they were both loving it too.

For those that think this was a publicity stunt, they’re right…BUT Maria and Myrka are real friends and ended up hanging out all night…even celebrating together at the after-party.

Latin American Music Awards Red Carpet Rundown

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.09.2015 - Moda

ama4The first-ever Latin American Music Awards are now a part of history!

The winners, the performances…and, yes, the red carpet!

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Latin American Music Awards Winners

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.09.2015 - Award Shows

daddy+yankeeWe’ve got the full list of winners of the Latin American Music Awards!

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