Luis Miguel Sued by Paparazzi

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.04.2015 - Luis Miguel

luismiUh oh!

Luis Miguel is being sued by a photog who claims the Latin legend’s bodyguard beat him up – because the singer ordered the beatdown.

According to TMZ, Tony Echevarria claims he was filming Luismi on April 19 when the singer’s bodyguard pushed him to the ground and battered him.

The pap says the bodyguard was instructed by the singer to attack any paparazzi who tried taking his pic.

Now word on how much he want$ from Luismi!

Itati Cantoral and Eduardo Santamarina Friends at Sons Birthday

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.04.2015 - Eduardo Santamarina, Itati Cantoral

itatiItati Cantoral and Eduardo Santamarina played nice for an afternoon – all for their twin boys Roberto and Ruben.

The two celebrated their 15th birthday.

We say play nice, but Itati told a few reporters that she and Eduardo are actually good friends.

She says they met when they were teens…so they went from good friends, to husband and wife, and back to good friends.

Eduardo also thanked the boy’s stepfather, Carlos, for being such an important role in the lives of the twins.

Ricky Martin and Hugh Jackman Selfie It Out

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.04.2015 - Ricky Martin

hugh+rickyRicky Martin and Hugh Jackman bumped into each other in Australia – so, of course, it was a perfect selfie opportunity!

The two pulled out their phones to snap pics together and post them on Instagram.

Ricky’s caption was:

“With The coolest Man in the Industry @thehughjackman.”

Meanewhile, Hugh posted:

“Great to see you @Ricky_Martin!”

Maybe he’s just not expressive??

Barbara Mori Calls Out Fake Facebook Account Asking For Money

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.04.2015 - Barbara Mori

barbara+moriBarbara Mori is not letting people use her name and image for cash.

A Facebook account claiming to be attached to the actress and her foundation is asking for donations from the public.

Barbara has a foundation that raises funds to make wishes come true for kids with terminal illnesses – but she doesn’t own the FB profile asking for money.

She made it clear that she doesn’t have Facebook – only Twitter and Instagram – and mentioned that she may go after the fake account with legal action.

Maripily Rivera Moves to Mexico

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.04.2015 - Maripily

maripilyShe’s out of there!

Maripily Rivera is leaving Miami.

She told “Primera Hora” that she is moving to Mexico City to start a new project with Televisa. She mentioned that Mexico is a market that she still hasn’t triumphed in.

Maripily mentioned that she’s excited for this new step in her career but she’s also sad because she is leaving her son in Miami – though she said she plans on having him travel to Mexico every weekend.

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