March Latin Gossip Archives

Tijuana Police Perform Mariachi Flashmob

The police in Tijuana, Mexico shocked everyone by singing in a flashmob for all to see. The officials out away their guns and instead grabbed microphones and instruments to perform Juan Gabriel hits for the public. Guess there is no crime and nothing else to do in Tijuana.

Gomita and Lapizito Weird Everyone Out With Kiss on Neck

Gomita and her brother Lapizito weirded their fans out with a kissing video on social media. The two professional clowns were criticized by their followers because they seem to get oddly intimate with each other on Instagram. Lapizito posted a vid kissing his sister’s neck a couple of times – but people are saying it […]

Niurka Marcos and Mauricio Mejia Battle on Live TV Over Plastic Surgery

Niurka Marcos and Mauricio Mejia are friends but they still battled it out on live television on “Un Nuevo Via” over the topic of plastic surgery. As you know, Mauricio recently underwent a procedure to have a fake six-pack, and Niurka criticized him for doing so – saying he should have gotten the results the […]

Fernanda Ostos Cameras Capture Part of Sexual Assault on Street

Surveillance video shows part of the moment that actress Fernanda Ostos was sexually assaulted while walking in the Condesa sector of Mexico City. A man approached her, squeezed her breasts, and ran off. In the video, she is seen chasing after him after the attack. Fernanda says she is traumatized and can’t sleep now, “No […]

Luis Miguel Series Teaser Released

Netflix Latinoamerica just released a sneak peak of the Luis Miguel series. Unlike the first teaser featuring el Sol himself, in this one Diego Boneta can be seen in his portrayal of the singer. The anticipation is building! C’mon, tell us when the series will be released already! A post shared by Luis Miguel La […]