March Latin Gossip Archives

Adriana Lavat Shares Struggles With Fibromyalgia

Adriana Lavat is sharing her struggles with fibromyalgia on social media. She posted a video on Instagram to reveal the pain that she faces on the daily – which has been going on for about ten years. In tears she talked about the ordeal and how frustrating it is that there is no cure. She […]

Chabelo Lets Everyone Know That He Is Okay

Chabelo is doing just fine. There was a rumor that he was very ill, and even had to be hospitalized. The 83-year-old says he is doing just fine. He tweeted “Cuates, mi Salud muy requete bien! los chismosos y los medios que no hacen su trabajo, no tanto.” That is very good to hear.

Mario Bautista Allegedly Caught With Marihuana at LAX

Mario Bautista, one of Mexico’s biggest Pop stars, was reportedly caught at the airport with marihuana in his bag. The singer was traveling from Mexico to Los Angeles for a friend’s birthday party when authorities allegedly found weed in his luggage. According to reports, Mario was sent back to Mexico immediately. The news is not […]

Noelia Wants Nothing To Do With Her Family

Noelia has been very vocal about her relationship with her family, or lack thereof. Recently, a fan suggested she should makeup with them saying: “Noelia tu familia te espera, anda ve donde tú mamá que te dio la vida, ella te ama y yo sé que tú la amas a ella también, pídele perdón y […]

Magda Rodriguez Responds to Niurka Marcos

Niurka vs. Magda Rodriguez round 2. A couple of weeks ago, Niurka called Magda a “perra” for allegedly mistreating her daughter Romina. The producer has responded saying she was surprised by the comments. “Yo vi las declaraciones, me sorprendieron, yo creí que tenía una buena relación con Niurka, nunca supe que le hubiera afectado tanto […]