January Latin Gossip Archives

Geraldine Bazan Celebrated Birthday With Julian Gil and Entire Cast

There is news coming out of Mexico that Geraldine Bazan celebrated her birthday with Julian Gil. This would make for a huge story considering the drama that with Geraldine, Julian, Marjorie De Sousa, and Gabriel Soto. Remember for a while it as speculated that Gabriel, Geradline’s soon to be ex, was the actual father of […]

Jennifer Lopez Surprises by Singing in Portuguese With Roberto Carlos

Just when you thought she had done it all. Jennifer Lopez surprised everyone with a duet with Roberto Carlos…and she sings in Portuguese!!! The song is “Chegaste” which dates back to the 70s and JLo says she is thrilled to have worked with the legend. What will she do next?? A post shared by Jennifer […]

Alex Lora Goes Off on Concertgoers and Gets Them Booted

Rocker Alex Lora went nuts on a few concertgoers in Tijuana and it was all caught on video. He stopped performing on stage when he noticed a few in the crowd starting to fight. Alex scolded them with profanity – his words are better heard than read…so just watch the video. He eventually demanded that […]

Zuleyka Rivera Claps Back at Grammy Performance Haters

Zuleyka Rivera claps back at the haters! As you know, she danced on stage at the Grammy Awards while Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee performed “Despacito.” She wore a tiny shiny number and shook it all during her moment in the spotlight. Some people are applauding her…but others are criticizing her for showing too much […]

Pedrito Sola Reveals Real Age

Pedrito Sola has come clean about his age. On his birthday, cohost Pati Chapoy flat out asked him how old he was – and he gave this terrified look you see in the pic and answered honestly. He revealed that he was 71 years old and followed it up by saying he was in good […]