December Latin Gossip Archives

Maria Antonieta De Las Nieves Bronchitis Forced Show Cancellations

Maria Antonieta De Las Nieves abruptly quit her goodbye tour…so what gives? The actress, best known for playing La Chilindrina, says that she had to step down from the shows because she came down with bronchitis. She attempted to go on with the scheduled performances but her doctor forced her to let go. Maria Antonieta […]

Eugenio Derbez in Overboard Trailer

The trailer for Eugenio Derbez‘s new movie is out. “Overboard”, starring the Mexican actor and Anna Faris, is a remake of a movie with the same name starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell – this time the roles are reversed. Eugenio is a spoiled playboy and Anna is a put-upon single mom hired to clean […]

Ines Gomez Mont Says Ex Was Disgusted by Her Cesarean Scar

Ines Gomez Mont is revealing her truth behind her separation from Javier Diaz. The two announced their split just month after their triplets were born and he has long said that she keeps the kids away from him. Now she is telling her side of the story for the first time. Ines says that eight […]

Gabriel Porras Linked With Marjorie De Sousa

Are Gabriel Porras and Marjorie De Sousa getting it on?? According to him, no. However, the media is speculating that they are hooking up on the side. The two are the leads in Telemundo’s “Al Otro Lado Del Mundo” – and the media always links up the protagonists of shows. There was a rumor that […]

Dayanara Torres Say Last Goodbye to Father in Puerto Rican Waters

Dayanara Torres and her siblings have said their last goodbyes to their father. As you know, her dad died a week ago after falling ill for some time. Dayanara had flown to Puerto Rico to be with him in his last moments – and to fulfill his last wishes. He wanted his ashes to be […]