November Latin Gossip Archives

Jenni Rivera Son Gay Relationship No So Secret

This it the picture that started it all. Jenni Rivera‘s youngest son, Johnny Lopez, revealed that he is in a gay relationship – and many were shocked. However, his faithful follower already knew what was up. His boyfriend, named Joaquin, posted this pic several weeks ago. He also put up a pic of Johnny on […]

Ingrid Coronado Alarms Fans With Skinny Waist

Ingrid Coronado has her fans worried over her weight. The host of “Venga la Alegria” posted a pic in Instagram to show off her outfit of the day and all her followers could focus on is her tony waist. It definitely looks like she has shed plenty of pounds. What do you think? All good […]

Chiquis Rivera Full Support to Brother After Revealing Gay Relationship

Chiquis Rivera has shown her full support to brother Johnny Lopez in his revelation to the world that he is in a gay relationship. Not only was she by his side in the video he released, she also posted this black-and-white pic on social media with the following message: “This kid has been one of […]

Gabriel Soto Continues Denying Being Marjorie De Sousa Baby Daddy

Gabriel Soto wants to make it clear once and for all…he is NOT Marjorie De Sousa‘s baby daddy! Now that it’s been confirmed that he and Geraldine Bazan are getting divorced, people are wondering if there is any truth to him being the father of Marjorie’s son. He says no. On “De primera mano”, host […]

Jennifer Lopez the New Guess Girl

Jennifer Lopez is the new Guess Girl! JLo says she loves the brand and has always been a fan of the iconic campaigns. It all makes sense now…Jennifer is wearing a Guess logo shirt in her latest music video “Amor, Amor, Amor.” What do you think of JLo as the new Guess Girl???