November Latin Gossip Archives

Jorge Salinas Calls Paulina Goto Unprofessional For Posting Slapping Video

Jorge Salinas believes Paulina Goto lacks professionalism – this after the actress hit his lady, Elizabeth Alvarez, while shooting a novela scene and shared the incident on social media. You may remember, Paulina overdid the slap to the face and basically punched Elizabeth during a shoot. Pau later posted the video online and apologized all […]

Pablo Montero Accused of Sexual Assault by La Academia Contestant

Pablo Montero is being accused of sexual assault but a former “la Academia” contestant. Rubi Mendivil says once she was eliminated from the singing reality show in 2012, Pablo invited her to dinner to ‘talk about work’. She says Pablo rubbed her leg several times and did not talk about anything work related. Once he […]

Regulo Caro Welcomes Second Daughter

Regulo Caro and his wife Dorys welcomed baby number two. Her name is Emilia. The family expressed their excitement and gratitude for her arrival. Welcome to this crazy world, Emilia!

Rosie Rivera Gives Her Two Cents on Nephew Being Gay

What does Rosie Rivera have to say about her nephew, Johnny Lopez, now that he is in a gay relationship? Fans of The Riveras are interested to know what she thinks – especially because she is devoutly religious. She posted the following on Facebook to clear things up… “Que pienso de que mi sobrino Johnny […]

Adriana Louvier and Silvia Navarro Hating Each Other on Set

Adriana Louvier and Silvia Navarro work together on the novela “Caer en Tentacion” – but they apparently hate each other. It’s being said the actresses can’t stand each other and despise being in the same room together. Apparently, everyone set is aware of this so production tried to keep them apart as much as they […]