October Latin Gossip Archives

Julian Gil Wants to Know Where The Child Support Goes

Julian Gil wants answers!! He assures everyone that the money he gives Marjorie De Sousa for the care of their child is going to other things and not their baby. He told the press “Me molesta que no veo a las enfermeras, todavía el día de hoy no he visto una sola enfermera. No las […]

Eduardo Capetillo Wants to be Mayor

But what he really wants to do is be in politics! Eduardo Capetillo is looking to be a mayor in Mexico. The actor submitted documents to obtain a residency of Ocoyoacac – and he was approved. Mexican media has caught up with Eduardo to ask him about him seeking a political seat. When asked if […]

Edith Gonzalez Fan of Cancer and Gives Advice

Edith Gonzalez has an interesting point of view on cancer…she says she is a fan of it! The actress explains by saying “Soy fan del cáncer porque es un ente de vida inteligentísimo. Hay que entenderlo, hay que estudiarlo y no hay que darle mucha importancia, pues él quiere que se la demos.” Interesting. The […]

Jesus Falcon of La Academia Father Killed

Jesus Falcon‘s father has been killed. The former “La Academia” contestant is in mourning – his father was murdered in Tabasco, Mexico. According to the authorities, Luis Falcon was kidnapped a few days ago but the police were never alerted because the family was warned not to tell anyone. They thought they were doing the […]

Ruben Luna Shares Heartbreaking Post About Karla Luna Death

Ruben Luna has shared a gut-wrenching post about his mom, Karla Luna, two weeks after her passing away. It breaks our heart. Grab a tissue and read on.