July Latin Gossip Archives

Romeo Santos Single and Not Open to Talk About Personal Life

Romeo Santos isn’t cool with talking about his personal life. He landed in Puerto Rico and was asked by the local press if he was single…which he responded with a yes. He was then asked about his intimate life and he answered “No me siento feo, pero tampoco me siento un tipo modelo ni nada […]

Chicharito Post Pic With Mystery Girl

Chicharito is now messing with us. Javier Hernandez, his real name, posted this photo on Instagram with a girl turned away from the camera lens. All we get to see is her hair. Oh, and he captioned it “No es nadie del pasado.” This, of course, means that the mystery girl isn’t Camila Sodi or […]

Brandon Peniche No Longer With Televisa

Brandon Peniche is out of Televisa! The TV network has been cutting costs lately and letting go of plenty of hosts, anchors, and actors lately. The latest to lose his exclusivity is Brandon. He revealed that he is no longer with Televisa. Brandon says he has signed with TV Azteca and looks forward to the […]

Thalia Butt Has Fans Wondering if She Had Before or Not

Thalia has her fans really confused. She posted this photo on Instagram and everyone immediately noticed her behind. Her butt looks bigger than in the past, correct?? Some Thalia followers are saying she has always had that derriere, but others are saying no way. What do you think??

James Rodriguez Getting Divorced

James Rodriguez and Daniela Ospina are getting divorced. The news was revealed on Colombian show “6AM Hoy Por Hoy” – and they added that James and Daniela have already amicably worked out the divorce details and financial agreements. The two were married for five years and have a four-year-old daughter Salomé. The reason behind the […]