July Latin Gossip Archives

Ozuna Smacks Concertgoer With a Microphone

Ozuna smacked a man at his concert with a microphone. The Puerto Rican urban music star was performing in New Jersey – when an unruly fans refused to budge from the side of the stage. Ozuna did ask him first to move and when he stood his ground, Ozuna let loose with a hit on […]

Jennifer Lopez Posts Pic of Support and Love For Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony‘s mother passed away a few days ago and Jennifer Lopez has shown her love for her and Marc. She posted this family pic of Marc with his kids and captioned it “Just what the doctor ordered…Surrounded by love…❤️ Descansas en Paz Ginny…te vamos a extrañar #familia #love” Marc’s mom was her mother-in-law for […]

Zuria Vega in Fat Suit in New Novela

Zuria Vega is walking around with some extra weight…but it’s for a telenovela. The actress is shooting some scenes in a ‘fat suit’ which includes some makeup work for added chins. It’s all part of her work on “Mi Marido Tiene Familia” – so let’s see what heavy storyline this is all part of.

Jennifer Lopez Shows Up to Support Alex Rodriguez at Work

Alex Rodriguez has shown up to Jennifer Lopez‘s work plenty of times…so it was her turn. Jennifer unexpectedly showed up at his side for a sports memorabilia show. TMZ reports that JLo surprised the Chicago crowd at the National Sports Collectors Convention when 10 minutes into A-Rod’s signing session…she quietly walked out from behind a […]

Chicharito Mystery Woman No Longer a Mystery

Remember Chicharito‘s mystery woman? It’s no longer a secret, or so it seems. Andrea Duro posted a photo and in the comments was a familiar name. Javier published some words to ask “Hola, quiero conocerte, me dejas?” She responded by saying “Ah, si? Pensé que ya me conocías?” The secret didn’t last long. Let’s see […]