June Latin Gossip Archives

Cristian Castro Could Be Divorcing

Cristian Castro may be divorcing already! That’s right, less than two months after his surprise marriage to Carol Urban. The rumor is that while vacationing in Europe, the two got into a huge argument that led to him calling his office so that she could return to Mexico ASAP. Apparently he stayed behind to continue […]

Solo Para Mujeres Return is in the Works

Alexis Ayala and Sergio Meyer have hinted that they are bringing back their show Solo Para Mujeres. The show was popular back in the day and they both seem excited to be bringing it back. No word on whether the actors would be dancing in their undies again or if they would just be producers. […]

Jorge Medina Officially Leaves La Arrolladora Banda El Limon

It’s official! Jorge Medina has officially left La Arrolladora Banda El Limon! The singer had stepped down from his position as lead vocalist a year ago – citing he needed time to get better from exhaustion. Even though the other members of the group assured everyone he would be back, the truth is that he […]

Marjorie De Sousa Reveals Baby Health Conditions

Marjorie De Sousa has revealed the conditions her sons suffers. You may remember, a few weeks ago, news came out about a 911 emergency her son went through in which he apparently stopped breathing. Well, according to Univision, Marjorie has come forward with the baby’s healthy issues. He has a serious reflux which causes him […]

Chiquis Rivera Celebrates Birthday With Mariposa De Barrio Screening

Chiquis Rivera had one special birthday this year. She attended the screening of “Mariposa De Barrio” – the Jenni Rivera series that Telemundo is premiering – on the same day as her cumpleaños. When Chiquis arrived on the carpet, all the press sang “Happy Birthday” to her and then got to asking her questions. She […]