May Latin Gossip Archives

Alicia Villarreal Walking Right Back In to the Spotlight

Alicia Villarreal is back! The singer performed on “La Reina de la Cancion” – and let it be known that she has a new album coming out. It’s been years since she has been in the spotlight but she promises that she is getting back to her roots and essence with new songs produced by […]

Frida Sofia Husband Reportedly Hit Her

Frida Sofia and Luis Escamilla secretly tied the knot in 2015…and it appears that that have also secretly separated. “TV Notas” reports that Alejandra Guzman‘s daughter originally left her husband because he was physically abusive. Apparently, they got back together but later split again when he hit her on another occasion. A source told the […]

Aracely Arambula Not Interested in Luis Miguel Series

Aracely Arambula does not want any part in the Luis Miguel series on Telemundo and Netflix. On “Todo para la Mujer”, she revealed that she hasn’t been contacted to appear or to have her name used in the production. She said: “Lo único que puedo decir al respecto es que a mí no me gustaría […]

Adamari Lopez Bathing Suit Pic Bashed and Defended

Adamari Lopez enjoyed a weekend getaway with her man Toni Costa for her birthday. She did like most people do when they escapte to the beach…put up pics by the water. Ada put up a photo with Toni on the sand but what came next surprised her followers. The comments on IG were divided between […]

Alejandro Fernandez Looking All Tipsy With Media

Alejandro Fernandez is raising eyebrows AGAIN over his drinking. Just a couple of weeks ago, he was throwing up in the middle of a concert…and now this. The singer was exiting a car when he was surrounded by the press. Normally, Alejandro flees this type of situation, but this time he stuck around for a […]