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Julian Gil and Marjorie De Sousa Keep Dropping Hints

Julian Gil and Marjorie De Sousa keep on giving bits and pieces of information as to why they split up. As you know, they announced they were over just three months after celebrating the birth of their son. The two most key clues as to their end has been the following… Marjorie released a statement, […]

Enrique Guzman Wants 35K to be Named in Silvia Pinal Biopic

Enrique Guzman did not want his name or likeness to be used in the Silvia Pinal biopic, but now he changed his mind – as long as he gets paid! He was very clear that he would sue if Silvia and the production team included a character similar to him in the storyline. Now he’s […]

Edith Gonzalez With No Hair on Cover of Quien

Edith Gonzalez is on the cover of “Quien” magazine – beautiful with a bald head. She is posing front and center to talk about her battle with cancer. She’s been wearing wigs lately, but she opened up completely for this cover…and it’s an inspirational and motivational move for those going through a difficult time like […]

Pepe Aguilar Asks For Prayers For Son BUT…

Pepe Aguilar performed in Glendale, California and asked for prayers for his son. As you know, Jose Emiliano Aguilar was arrested for attempting to smuggle in four Chinese nationals in to the US through Mexico. Pepe, however, believes that if his son is found guilty – then he should pay the price. He said: “Yo […]

Luis Fonsi Says Divorce Was Hardest Moment in His Life

Luis Fonsi says his divorce from Adamari Lopez was the most difficult moment in his life. He spoke with Rashel Diaz on “Detrás De La Fama” and said: “A nivel personal, yo diría mi divorcio. Fue de lo que más aprendí, fue el que más me endureció. También afectó en lo profesional. Afectó ambos mundos”. […]