March Latin Gossip Archives

Ariadne Diaz Baby Makes Novela Debut

Ariadne Diaz‘s baby has already shot his first novela scene! According to radio show “Todo para la Mujer”, Ariadne’s son, Diego, can already say he has been in a novela…even though he is less than one year old. They shot the last scenes of the novela ” “La doble vida de Estela Carrillo” and Diego […]

J Balvin Named King of Street Wear by Esquire

J Balvin is being honored with an “Esquire” magazine cover. We say honored because there are FOUR different covers to celebrate his being the focal point. The mag calls Balvin the king of street wear, for bringing a sense of fashion from the streets of Paris to the Latin market. We must say, other artists […]

Cynthia Klitbo Celebrates 50 With Lingerie Photo

Cynthia Klitbo recently turned 50 years old and she is very proud of it. So much, in fact, that she posted a photo in lingerie onto Instagram with the caption “Un regalito para los fans..Orgullosa de mis 50 años.” You go, Cynthia!

Pablo Milanes Thinks Reggaeton is Disgusting

Cuban singer Pablo Milanes thinks Reggaeton is disgusting because it lacks values. He said “Me parece asqueroso. No tiene ningún valor musical, ni poético, ni orquestal, ni nada. Me parece que su valor es nulo, y no sólo de ese ritmo, sino de la música que se está escuchando porque hay una gran falta de […]

Carmen Villalobos Everywhere on Cover of Vanidades

Carmen Villalobos is on the cover of “Vanidades” – looking as gorgeous as always. The actress has plenty to celebrate…her character is back on the “Sin Senos” saga and fans can’t wait to see what she has in store. The actress also recently wrapped a movie with William Levy in Dominican Republic and New York […]