February Latin Gossip Archives

Vicente Fernandez Getting Conflicting Medical Advice

Vicente Fernandez got some pretty bad news from a doctor a few days ago, but it seems all is better now. The legendary singer was going to have to undergo back surgery to relieve the pressure on the nerves on his legs. The operation was to be complicated and a big burden for the singer. […]

Claudia Alvarez Replacing Mayrin Villanueva in Novela

Out with Mayrin…in with Claudia! Mayrin Villanueva was the lead in the novela “En Tierras Salvajes” for just a few days…but quickly dropped from the project over fear of overexposure. Producers reacted quickly and now have a new protagonist. It has been confirmed that Claudia Alvarez will replace Mayrin. OK, Televisa and Univision, are you […]

Mayrin Villanueva Yanked From Novela For Overexposure

Mayrin Villanueva is out!! She was cast as the lead in the novela “En Tierras Salvajes” but has been yanked from the project. The reason behind this decision is strange but understandable. Univision and Televisa executives realized that there would be overlap with another novela that Mayrin stars in on Univision – so the network […]

Rebecca de Alba Now Speaking Nicely About Ricky Martin

Rebecca de Alba has changed her tune on Ricky Martin. A few years ago she said that the singer didn’t behave like a gentleman with her – but now it seems she’s cool with him. With all this talk about his wedding, “Suelta La Sopa” asked Rebecca about her thoughts and she said “Es un […]

Alejandro Fernandez Discusses Luis Miguel Lawsuit

Alejandro Fernandez held a press conference to discuss his latest project, and the media asked about his lawsuit against Luis Miguel. El Potrillo is suing El Sol for breach of contract for the tour they were supposed to have. Alejandro’s answer was basically a no answer. He said: “Ahorita sólo se puede hablar con los […]