January Latin Gossip Archives

Paulina Rubio Announces Timbiriche Reunion

Paulina Rubio announced that she will be a part of a Timbiriche reunion. At a show in Guanajuato, she said “Volveremos unos amigos y yo en algún momento del año a agasajarlos y cantar canciones de cuando éramos chiquitos. Esto no lo digo sólo así, sino porque ustedes son parte de mis raíces.” The fans […]

TV Host Apologizes For Insulting Tamaulipas During Miss Universe

Step 1. Insert foot in mouth. Step 2. Apologize. TV host Susana Moscatel offended the region of Tamaulipas during the Miss Universe broadcast by saying Miss Mexico looked like a ‘taquera’ during the national costume portion of the competition. Miss MX Kristal Silva was wearing a traditional look of Tamaulipas in a modern design – […]

Vanity Fair Editor Twitter Account Insults Mexicans

“Vanity Fair Mexico” upset a large part of its readers by featuring Melania Trump on the cover…and then outraged everyone with an insulting tweet sent from one of the editors of the mag. Lourdes Garzon, the editorial director of VF, seemingly wrote a message saying Mexicans were too sensitive and that she laughed because they […]

Baseball Pro Sean Rodriguez and Family Hit in Deadly Crash

Atlanta Braves infielder Sean Rodriguez and his family are recovering after police say their SUV was hit by a man who had stolen a Miami police officer’s cruiser. News outlets report that Sean, his wife Giselle and their two young children were T-boned by the stolen cruiser Saturday afternoon in Miami-Dade County. The unidentified suspect […]

Lyn May Wig Falls Off on Live Television

Lyn May had an embarrassing moment on live television…but she handled it like a champ! She was performing on “Sale el Sol” and her wig went flying off when she did one of her moves on the floor. Instead of stopping, she quickly picked it up and continued with the dance despite the wig not […]