January Latin Gossip Archives

Paulina Rubio Poses With Sons on People En Español Cover

Paulina Rubio is on the cover of the latest issue of “People En Español” and she’s accompanied by two special men. No, not Colate and Gerardo Bazua. She posed with her boys Nicolas and Eros. However, she did talk about those other two guys. First, she said that she’s still with Gerardo and things are […]

La Piloto Debut Pushed Back by Televisa

The series “La Piloto” was set to debut in a few weeks on Televisa, but it looks like the TV network has pulled the plug…for now. The drama was going to premiere on February 13th, but no more. Televisa has apparently pushed it back without giving a new date. Livia Brito, the star of the […]

Diego Luna Cast in Scarface Remake

Diego Luna already broke through to the general market with “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”, and now it looks like he has landed another huge role He reportedly has been booked as the lead in the upcoming “Scarface” remake. “Variety” reports that he’s attached to star, essentially as the Tony Montana of the film, […]

Lyn May Turned Down Luis Miguel

Lyn May turned down Luis Miguel! She revealed that she had a chance at Luismi but didn’t go for it. The cabaret performer, whose wig fell off on live TV a few days ago, says that when she met LM he was too young and not her type – she says he was far too […]

Ana Maria Polo Responds to Angry Fans With Informative Statement

Ana Maria Polo upset a lot of Puerto Ricans by saying the economic situation is so bad in PR that mothers are now selling their kids. Many people took this as an insult and called for a boycott of her show “Caso Cerrado.” La doctora issued a statement not really to apologize…but to inform. The […]