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Sergio Mayer Mori Says His Baby Looks Like a Bat

Sergio Mayer Mori sure has a way with words. He basically insults his own baby and his baby mama when asked how they are. A TV Azteca reporter asked him who baby Mila looks like and he said “Ahorita a un murciélago, todavía está chiquita. La verdad no son bonitos los bebés cuando nacen, pero, […]

Championship-bound Brazilian Soccer Team in Plane Crash

A charter plane carrying 81 people, including players from Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense headed for a championship match, slammed into a mountainside late Monday en route to Medellín’s airport in Colombia. At least five passengers survived and the rest were killed, officials said as teams struggled to reach the crash site Tuesday amid driving rain. […]

Yahir Joins Televisa

Yahir has made his move to Televisa. The singer has left behind his days at Azteca and is now at the competition. Host Juan Jose Origel broke the news with this pic and the caption “¡Bienvenido a Televisa!”. Yahir hasn’t confirmed the news and it is still unknown what he’ll be doing exactly for the […]

Montserrat Oliver and Her Lady Hang With Ricky Martin and His Man

Look who hung out after the show. Ricky Martin performed in Mexico City and his future husband, Jwan Yosef, was right in the audience dancing and cheering on. Montserrat Oliver and her lady were also there and spent some time with the Puerto Rican superstar and his bf. The Mexican host posted a pic of […]

Sergio Mayer Mori Daughter First Pic

We’ve got the first pic of Sergio Mayer Mori‘s baby! Mila was born on November 21st and momma Natalia Subtil is choosing carefully what to share for now. She posted a photo of her little girl on Instagram – but just of her hand. We’ll take what we can get.