November Latin Gossip Archives

Julian Figueroa Responds to Magazine Claim About Copying His Dad

Julian Figueroa is responding to a “TV Notas” that makes it see like he and his family are fighting it out. The mag claims that his fam is upset that he is using his father Joan Sebastian’s hats, horses, and outfits. Julian responded on Facebook by saying: “A la revista de siempre. Solo tengo una […]

Marimar Vega Would Love a Biopic Series on Her Dad

Marimar Vega is all about making a series about her dad, Gonzalo Vega. She said that since biopic series are so in right now that she would love to see one done on her actor father. Marimar did say that there would have to be one major difference with her dad’s series if it ever […]

Colombia Atletico Nacional Asks to Declare Chapecoense Champions

After the tragic plane accident that wiped out the Brazilian Chapecoense team, Colombia’s Atletico Nacional is showing their best side. The two teams were to face off in the championship that alas will never be. Upon learning of the accident, the Colombian team forfeited and asked to declare Chapecoense champions. The best sportsmanship in the […]

Adrian Uribe Thoughts Robbers Were Going to Ask For Autograph

Adrian Uribe has provided more details about the robbery that happened in a Mexico City restaurant. He called in to Adela Micha‘s radio show and said he was dining with his 13-year-old son and a friend. The thieved entered the restaurant like any other diner…even asking the hostess for a table. They passed Adrian and […]

Renato Lopez Remembered by Macho Protagonist

Miguel Rodarte recently worked with Renato Lopez on the movie “Macho” – which ended up being Renato’s last project before he was killed a few days ago. The lead actor of the film posted this pic with his costar and the following message: “Hermanito! Guíame para encontrarme contigo en ese lugar de paz en el […]