November Latin Gossip Archives

Luis Miguel Might be Saying Goodbye to Yacht

Is Luis Miguel about to lose his yacht?? Mexican media report that the singer’s 3 million dollar yacht, named Unico, is about to be auctioned off. Apparently the marina he houses it in has taken over the vessel since Luismi hasn’t paid maintenance fees, service dues, and taxes. It’s being said that Luis Miguel might […]

Ricky Martin Denies Using Playback at Shows

Ricky Martin has traveled the world on tour and is preparing a Las Vegas residency show – so when media accused him of lip-synching, he jumped into action. There are several reports that Ricky uses playback and simply mouths the songs during his show. Ricky says it ain’t true. He took to social media and […]

Julio Iglesias Son Miguel Did Not Leave Home For Music

There are rumors that Julio Iglesias‘ son, Miguel, has left the house to embark on a music career. Julio’s now 19-year-old son is rumored to want to sing…it does run in the family after all. However, it appears that none of this is true. Sources close to the Iglesias clan say Miguel is still living […]

Intocable Release Powerful Video Dia 730

Intocable has just released the video for its new single, “Día 730″, and it’s as powerful as the song itself. Testimonies from mothers who have lost their daughters, statistics, and a story that is all too familiar for those in Ciudad Juárez, bring light to the chilling subject. Alejandro Sanz, Fher from Maná, Julieta Venegas, […]

Lucia Mendez Fought With Madonna at Concert

Lucia Mendez swears that she gave it to Madonna. Lucia explains that she was at the superstar’s concert when she was called out by Madonna herself for not getting up…even though she was injured. She said: “A mí me tocó tercera fila, entonces todo mundo estaba de pie y yo no porque traía lastimada una […]