October Latin Gossip Archives

Adamari Lopez Brings Gasolina as Daddy Yankee For Halloween

Adamari Lopez brought the gasolina this Halloween because she dressed up as Daddy Yankee! The Puerto Rican actress and host geared up as the Puerto Rican music star and the end result is basically magic. The crotch grab is just fantastic.

Jenni Rivera Performs Once Again Via Hologram

Jenni Rivera ‘performed’ over the weekend via hologram. The Riveras presented a show put on by the Jenni hologram tied to the Day of the Dead celebrations. The performance was broadcast on Facebook and basically resurrected Jenni so the fans could see her one more time. Many speculate the hologram was based on Chiquis Rivera […]

Daniel Sarcos Becomes Don Francisco For Halloween

This is TOO good!! Daniel Sarcos‘ Halloween costume is…Don Francisco!! The costume is great, but it’s the stance that really makes it real.

Prince Royce Unrecgonizable as Chucky For Halloween

Prince Royce knows how to have a good time on Halloween and showed off his costume on social media. He’s Chucky! He would’ve gone under the radar this Halloween, but now his fans will be looking for Chucky all night long.

Karla Martinez channels Avatar For Halloween

Here’s another celeb we wouldn’t be able to identify on Halloween. Karla Martinez channeled Avatar to bring in October 31st and she’s got the whole character down!