September Latin Gossip Archives

Jose Fernandez Final Goodbye For Family, Fans, and Teammates

The funeral procession for Jose Fernandez was held on Wednesday in Miami and his family, teammates, and fans attended. The pitcher’s pregnant girlfriend was also in attendance. His mother had to be held up at several points throughout the service. Jose’s colleagues of the Miami Marlins surrounded the car that carried his coffin and they […]

Lin-Manuel Miranda to Host SNL

Get ready for it! Lin-Manuel Miranda will host “Saturday Night Live” on October 8th. Expect plenty of rapping, political humor, musical satire, and Donald Trump bashing. Oh, and if you’re wondering, the musical guest is Twenty One Pilots.

Marco Antonio Solis Gets Sexy on Social Media

Hello sexpot! Social media has a special place for sexy pics…The Kardashians are constantly showing body parts to their millions of fans. However, it’s not just them. Check out Marco Antonio Solis, for example. Showing off miles of leg in his bathrobe. After this photo, there are many who would want to be más que […]

Rafael Nadal Stops Tennis Match to Find Missing Girl

Rafael Nadal is a class act. He stopped a tennis match when he noticed a mother yelling for her child in the crowd. Once Rafa paused, all attention was on the desperate mom. Moments later, her daughter was found and the reunion was all caught on camera. The mom waved to Rafael to thank him […]

Christopher Uckermann Debuts Shaved Head

Look who’s got a new look!! Christopher Uckermann has debuted a short cut, well, a shaved head which is dramatically different from the fluffy messy hair he usually sports. It’s all part of a role so it wasn’t exactly his decision. What do you think of Christopher’s new look???