April Latin Gossip Archives

Paulina Rubio Takes Best Dressed at Premios Billboard

Best dressed of the night goes to…Paulina Rubio! Just the right amount of style, elegance, glam, and sexiness. On top of that, Pau gave birth just weeks ago and she’s looking fantastic!

Lucero Keeps Winning Streak Going at Latin Billboard Awards

Lucero is a on a roll lately. She has been hitting homeruns on the red carpets and is getting sexier as she gets older – and we likey! Lucero was no Lucerito at the Latin Billboard Awards.

Ximena Duque On Point at Premios Billboard

Gorgeousness. Pure gorgeousness. That’s what we say about Ximena Duque’s look at Premios Billboard. Everything, EVERYTHING was on point.

Alejandra Guzman Does Something Different at Premios Billboard

Alejandra Guzman looked fantastic at Premios Billboard!! She unexpectedly WOWED. Alejandra didn’t do the sexy, provocative, or raunchy and it worked!

Natalia Jimenez is Pregnant Elegance at Premios Billboard

Natalia Jimenez knows a thing or two about fashion…she usually does avant-garde or elegant. On Thursday night she went elegant – perhaps it has to do with her being pregnant – and we love it! Next we want to see that avant-garde style with her baby belly.