March Latin Gossip Archives

Shanik Berman’s Sister Died

Sad news. Shanik Berman is in mourning. Her sister has passed away. She apparently died a a result of lung cancer. Our condolences to the TV host.

Rafael Amaya Use to Steal to Survive

Rafael Amaya is talking to the media nonstop these days to promote the fourth season of “El Señor De Los Cielos.” In a chat with a Mexican newspaper, the actor revealed details about his childhood that wasn’t as sunny as many would expect. He says he used to steal car parts to sell to be […]

Anahi and Julion Alvarez Debut Eres Music Videi

Anahi and Julion Alvarez have debuted their joint single “Eres.” It’s a sappy love song – and the video is the same. Do you like this Pop and Regional Mexican combo?? CH-CH-CHECK IT OUT!

El Pirru and Girlfriend Lose Baby They Were Expecting

El Pirru and his girlfriend, Mariana Miranda, are going through a rough time. He told “TV Notas” that she just lost a baby that she was carrying. He revealed that she had a miscarriage at month four. Pirru says that their relationship as a couple is strong and their wedding plans for next year are […]

Raphael Denies Rivalry With Julio Iglesias

There was never a rivalry between singers Raphael and Julio Iglesias…this according to Raphael. The singer showed up to a movie premiere for a film that he acts in – and the press took the chance to ask him about his frenemy. Raphael said he admires Julio and that they have been friends for a […]