March Latin Gossip Archives

Laura Bozzo’s Boyfriend Caught Adjusting Laura’s Daughter’s Bikini Bottom

“TV Notas” has published a pic of Laura Bozzo‘s boyfriend, Cristian Zuarez, adjusting Laura’s daughter’s bikini bottom! The trio were on vacation in Cancun lounging by the pool when Cristian went in for the move. Apparently, a friend of Laura’s talked to the mag to say that Cristian and Laura’s daughter are close and that […]

William Levy Has Amusing Run In With a Grandmother in Cuba

William Levy had a peculiar run-in with an older lady during his visit in Cuba. He snapped a photo of the grandmother smoking a cigar – and she didn’t skip a beat to ask him why. Here is what he said: “Caminando por la Habana me encontré esta mujer fumándose un Tabaco Cubano.. No pude […]

Eva Longoria and Pope Francis Meet Again

Eva Longoria got some face-to-face time with Pope Francis. She traveled to The Vatican to meet up with the religious leader and she says she ‘literally’ got blessed. Actually this isn’t the first time they meet. Eva and The Pope met for the first time in September 2015 at The White House. They’re basically friends […]

David Bisbal May Have a New Girlfriend

Does David Bisbal have a new girlfriend?? Looks like it! He arrived at Miami’s International Airport with a good-looking girl by his side. She quickly ran ahead of him when she saw the reporters and waited for him in a taxi. The reporters asked him about her, and he said: “No tengo nada que decir.” […]

Laura Bozzo Closes YouTube Channel

It’s here and now it’s gone! Laura Bozzo opened her YouTube channel a little over a week ago – and now it’s nowhere to be found. In her first video she published, she said she was going to give advice and speak directly to her audience via YouTube. She has changed her tune. The channel […]