January Latin Gossip Archives

Marco Antonio Solis Dedicates Song to Pope Francis

Marco Antonio Solis has written a song for Pope Francis. The singer-songwriter from Michoacan has released “El Buen Mensajero” and it’s a dedication to the highest leader of the Catholic Church. The song is about love, respect, and friendship and includes instruments like the harp and guitars – bottom line, it’s a feel good track […]

Juan Gabriel Being Played by Julian Roman

We all now know that there will be a series based on the life of Juan Gabriel – but the big question… Who will play Juanga?? Got the answer for you. Turns out Colombian actor Julian Roman will be playing the role of El Divo de Juarez. Actually, a slew of actors will be playing […]

Itati Cantoral Takes Blind Orphans to See Musical Annie

Itati Cantoral is the butt of the joke on social media…again. This time it was something she obviously meant to do good with. The actress took 30 orphan girls to see a musical. That’s nice and all, but she took them to “Annie” – the musical about orphans! Oh, and most of the girls are […]

Ricardo Montaner’s Twitter Hacked For Amusing One Word Tweet

Hacking is a very serious issue, but sometimes the results can be very amusing. Ricardo Montaner‘s Twitter account was hacked and the guilty culprit seemed to have a very immature – yet hysterical – motive. Ricardo’s account tweeted one word and one word only. Verga. It was retweeted thousands of times with people in shock […]

Juan Gabriel Television Series on TV Azteca

Television shows based on the lives of famous singers are a thing right now. Celia Cruz and Joe Arroyo have had theirs…a Joan Sebastian biopic is currently being shot…and now Juan Gabriel will also get the treatment. TV Azteca will air the series based on his life and it’s called “Hasta Que Te Conocí.” The […]