January Latin Gossip Archives

Jencarlos Canela Cast as Jesus Christ in Live Show on Fox

Jencarlos Canela as Jesus Christ. You read that right! Fox announced that JC will play JC in the upcoming two-hour musical event “The Passion.” They say it’s a modern interpretation of the final hours of Jesus Christ’s life, a period that includes the Last Supper, his betrayal by Judas, his trial by Pontius Pilate and […]

J Alvarez, Maluma, and Ken-Y A Hot Trio With Quiero Olvidar Remix

As if the original wasn’t hot enough, now comes the remix! J Alvarez has released a crazy good remix of his hit “Quiero Olvidar” with Maluma and Ken-Y. The first version is already a bonafide hit and now this just add to the success. As you can see, visually they have this in the bag […]

Ricky Martin and Hot Teacher Get Social

Ricky Martin has always supported education…but what about an educator?? The Puerto Rican superstar has taken interest in Nicholas Ferroni – a hot teacher who has been spotlighted by “People” magazine for his looks, his teaching methods, and his activism. The two are now friends and have shared a few pics together on social media. […]

Rafael Amaya Launches Western Style Clothing Line

Rafael Amaya is officially a fashion empresario. He has introduced and launched his clothing line for men inspired by his character in “El Señor De Los Cielos” and his Norteño background. He calls is ‘Western Style’…so think cowboy look. At a premiere event in Monterrey he held a fashion show for friends and media and […]

Chabelo and Cepillin May Join Forces With TV Azteca

Television for children can be big business – that’s why Cepillin and Chabelo are looking to team up! The two kid-friendly celebs are joining forces for a joint show…as Cepillin says, with Chabelo’s exit from TV there is no longer any programming for the little ones. There is a rumor that they are in talks […]