December Latin Gossip Archives

Silvia Navarro Shows Off Son Leon For Holidays

Silvia Navarro is sporadically sharing pics of her son Leon – and it seems to match with holidays. First, she posted a pic around Day of the Dead…and now one around Christmas. That’s the cutest reindeer we’ve seen in a while! Expect to see Leon next around Valentine’s Day.

Larry Hernandez Prepping Next US Concert

Can’t nobody take his pride. Can’t nobody hold him down. Larry Hernandez may be facing an extremely serious case against him for kidnapping and beating by a mob – but that’s not stopping him from making a living and growing his career. His publicist told Notimex that Larry will soon be holding a press conference […]

Enrique Iglesias Fans Upset President of Sri Lanka

Ooooooh, Enrique Iglesias fans in Sri Lanka have pissed off the president of that country! He was shocked and outraged by Enrique’s first live show in the country after women threw their bras at the pop star and rushed the stage attempting to kiss him. Actually, he is so mad he has called for the […]

Larry Hernandez Court Date Pushed Back

Lucky break for Larry Hernandez! He was supposed to present himself in court at the end of this year to face a judge in the case of the alleged kidnapping and beating of a concert promoter in South Carolina. Well, he won’t have to spend it in SC – his date got pushed back to […]

Cruz Lizarraga Jr Dead

Cruz Lizarraga Jr, AKA “Crucito“, has died. He was the son of Cruz Lizarraga – creator of Banda El Recodo. Crucito passed away three months after being diagnosed with lung cancer and a brain tumor. He died in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Poncho Lizarraga tweeted: “En esta noche ausente de calor, se siente también el #FríoPorTuAusencia D.E.P […]